Derelict a la Lensbaby

Derelict sailboat
Derelict sailboat, Pugh Marina, Racine, Wis. | Canon 5D Mark II and Lensbaby Composer | Exposed 1/80 sec. @ f/4, ISO 200 (-1 1/3 EV)

On Saturday evening my dad and I went down to Pugh Marina in hopes of catching a moonrise.  But as we got to the lake, we saw a heavy haze on the horizon above Lake Michigan, and the hopes for a moonrise dimmed.  However, I took advantage of the fleeting golden-hour light to walk into a normally gated area at the marina that used to be chock full of derelict boats.  Evidently, the marina has been getting rid of them, because the gate was wide open (it actually has been for days–I just finally took the initiative to walk over to it) and only three remain.  I’m 99% certain that if you dropped this boat into the lake it would just sink.

In my last post about the Lensbaby I was hesitant to recommend it.  I will say that, after using the Lensbaby Composer some more, it does have a learning curve and I think the hardest thing to know is when to use which aperture with this lens.  This is especially true as you have to manually insert and remove the aperture “blades” (washers), and since it’s a rental I don’t want to risk carrying them around and losing them!  What I am slowly discovering is that I like this lens with a little more depth of field than it has wide open or even at “f/2.8.”  The image above was captured at f/4, and I think I may try f/5.6 in my next experiment.  Food for thought.

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  1. Did you ever get a chance to try the original? It was quite a challenge with its spring-loaded design. I would expect this version to be considerably easier to use. Maybe the next version will incorporate a modern aperture design with a lever to change apertures?

    1. Scott,
      No, I never tried the original, but I did try the funky one with three rods poking out along the sides (supposedly to lock it in place) and I thought it was quite awkward. To be fair, I only got to try it for about 45 seconds before the person who owned it wanted it back.

      I do have some concern about the design of the composer: it feels fragile. Evidently, this isn’t far from the truth, as Lensrentals even warned that 5% of their rented Lensbaby Composers fall apart.

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