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Photographers and visual artists work every day with color and tonal relationships.  I am proud to make prints that closely match what we see on-screen for both color and black and white photography.  Before printing I soft-proof and tone each image in a color-managed workflow that is calibrated and profiled from end-to-end with an Eye One colorimeter for my proofing monitors and an Eye One spectrophotometer built into the print carriage of my HP DesignJet Z3200!

I am happy to open up my expertise in making archival, fine-art prints and reproductions worthy of portfolio presentation and display for fellow visual artists looking for a gallery-quality print of their own images either for personal enjoyment or for sale to clients.  I stock a small selection of papers hand-picked for their unique qualities.  Our current prices and other services are listed below. I primarily work with luster papers from both HP and Epson, a baryta based paper from Ilford called Gold Fibre Silk, Moab Entrada Rag matte, and Canson Infinity canvas. I do stock some other papers, including a cold press paper that creates a watercolor effect when photos are printed. Please let me know if you would like to use something different and we can talk about options.

  • Luster photo paper is an excellent surface for most color and black and white photographs. The finish has a fine tooth and a sheen instead of a gloss.
  • Ilford Gold Fibre Silk paper has a baryta-base (just like darkroom photographic papers) with a subtle sheen to the surface that allows for deep blacks and brilliant colors.  This is a heavyweight paper that feels as luxurious as it looks for in-hand viewing. However, the paper itself is more expensive and that is reflected in the print prices.
  • Moab’s rag matte paper is luminous and yet its fine texture ensures that the paper does not draw too much attention to itself. The tones on this matte paper are especially deep because of the mixture of four black and white inks put down by my printer (two black and two grey).
  • I create gallery-wrapped canvas prints using Canson Infinity because of the level of fine detail and the color depth that I can achieve when I combine it with PremierArt’s Eco Print Shield, that laminates the canvas to protect against scratches and UV radiation. Canvas prints take the longest to create, especially in the humid climate of North Carolina, so please allow a lead time of one week.
Preparing files to print:
The best prints tend to come from the best files. Please note that if your original capture (what came out of your camera) was a JPEG, you can still follow the below instructions, but note that color depth will be limited to 8 bit (16 bit will not be an option).
If you  working from a PSD or TIFF file already, make a copy of the file and append the desired print size to the end of the file name, for example: “XXX_16x20-to-print.tif”  However, if you are working from a RAW conversion program such as Lightroom or Capture One, make a virtual copy of your master photo before making the following changes and then append this print size to the file name before sending it to me.
After making a copy of your image, proceed through the checklist:
  • Crop the photo to the dimensions you want to print. (This is the primary reason I asked you to make a copy, so that you don’t apply a crop for printing to a photo that you may prefer to display online without this crop.)
  • You may apply some sharpening, but please do not sharpen your image to the point that you can see white “halos” appearing around the edges of people and objects in your photos
  • Make sure to keep your photos at 16 bit, and in either Adobe RGB color space or ProPhoto RGB. (If your original is an 8 bit JPEG, leave it at 8 bit)
  • Save the photo as a TIFF at its full-size (don’t shrink it, and don’t worry about enlarging it),
  • Given the large file sizes of TIFF photos, please upload your photos to a file sharing site such as Dropbox, Google Drive, WeSendIt, etc. and send me a link to download them.

Finally, please allow for two to three days before your order is shipped: we give each project the time it deserves, and that includes 24 hours for prints to cure before packaging. If you are interested in gallery-wrapped canvas prints, please allow one week before I ship your order, as the print requires two to three days to cure before it can be lacquered and then another couple of days thereafter to be stretched onto canvas.

Paper Selection at Light's Edge Studios

Print Size (Inches)Epson Premium LusterMoab Entrada Rag MatteIlford Gold Fibre SilkCanvas Gallery Wrapped Prints on 1.5" stretcher bars