artwork photography & reproduction

for portfolio, web and
giclée prints

Artwork Photography and Reproduction

Artists looking to share their work online as well as create reproductions both for portfolio purposes and for sale as giclée prints often ask about having their work scanned, however I have found photographic reproduction to yield dramatically superior results. Flatbed scanning does work effectively for some media and for some images, but more often than not, the nuanced texture is lost and the results feel “flat” because of the way images are lit by a flatbed: perfectly parallel to the surface of the artwork. Photographing the artwork while lighting it from an angle reveals the texture that viewers would enjoy while seeing the work at a gallery or in their homes.

Faithful color is paramount to successful reproduction. I photograph artwork with high-resolution lenses on a large megapixel camera using color-stable strobes. My workflow involves color calibrating the camera to your individual artwork, and I can bring my equipment to your studio or you I can pick up and return your works to you to photograph them from my home studio.

detail of a drawing by Wake Forest, NC artist Dave McNamee
detail of a painting photographed for Durham, NC artist Simone Kyng

I also photograph three dimensional works of art, although my rate may depend upon the size of the work or your specific needs (for instance, you may require a special or over-size background).

Finally, the prints of your artwork will be made with pigmented inks for the greatest possible print longevity. Prints of your work will be made based upon my standard price list.

Please contact me if you are interested in a quote for photographing your artwork.