Another option for focus calibration: LensAlign MkII

LensAlign MkII rendering
LensAlign MkII rendering courtesy RawWorkflow/Michael Tapes

Michael Tapes, the entrepreneur who invented the “LensAlign Focus Calibration System” e-mailed me a few weeks back and said that he had a new product coming, but by reading the information I was under a NDA.  However, many of the details of the LensAlign MkII, which replaces the LensAlign Lite (I reviewed the LensAlign Pro earlier this fall), are available on Michael’s blog.  I just received a prototype yesterday, and will be writing a review of the new product and comparing it to its “bigger brother.”  Final production versions will retail for $79.95 and will ship in the United States for $6 as it comes flat/disassembled to fit inside of a Priority Mail envelope.  This conceivably means that it can be taken apart easily for travel, something the LensAlign Pro simply cannot do.

Stay tuned for more!

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