Stephens Lake Park: A Green Oasis on Broadway

Stephens Lake Park: A Green Oasis on Broadway from David Kennedy on Vimeo.

In late March, I posted a “draft” of my contribution to my Picture Story class’ project on Broadway, one of the main arteries of Columbia, Mo., which was a “think piece” about Stephens Lake Park.

This Monday, I had the opportunity to sit down with Steve Saitta, Parks Development Superintendent for the city of Columbia, and ask his thoughts about the relevance of Stephens Lake Park for the community, and the significance of the park’s location on Broadway.

I believe this to be a significant improvement upon my original idea, and I hope you’ll agree. Comments and criticism always welcome!

One thought

  1. It’s shaping up quite well! I really like the overcast scenes. But then again, I just really like overcast lighting. The speaker sounds very nice and balanced throughout.

    In one place he’s talking about the guy who designed the park and I know you have some scenes to depict that. Same goes for when he’s talking about “something green” or ‘trees right in the heart of a city…” and you’re showing water. It’s sort of strange hearing about one thing and seeing another.

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