A Dreary Sunday Edited

Mosque and Power Plant
Mosque and Power Plant, Columbia, Mo.

It’s been on-and-off pouring rain today, so I’ve been going through some of my photos in Lightroom.  I found a few that I made just for me–they’re not photojournalistic and they’re not for any of my classes.  What’s funny about the ones that I found is that all of them were made on my Lumix G1.  It definitely pays to carry that camera around.  I am still just using the kit lens (equivalent to 28-90mm), but plan to pick up the 90-400mm equivalent lens soon…and either the new wide-angle zoom (no price yet) or the fixed focal length f/1.7 lens that has been rumored for some time if/when that ever comes out.  Micro four-thirds has turned out to be a great system that delivers on the original promise of Olympus’ four-thirds.  Funny that Panasonic would be the ones to show them how to make that format useful!

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