Trying to be spring but with memories of fall

Trying to be spring but with memories of fall, Cary, North Carolina | Fuji X-E1 and 35mm f/1.4 XF R lens | Exposed 1/2400 sec. @ f/2, ISO 400
Trying to be spring but with memories of fall, Cary, North Carolina | Fuji X-E1 and 35mm f/1.4 XF R lens | Exposed 1/2400 sec. @ f/2, ISO 400

It has been a while since I have posted here.  I had the best intentions of crafting my new Web site format in a different location, perfecting it, and then replacing the Web site here overnight.  Sometimes, life has other plans!  I’ve been trying to give Light’s Edge Studios the space it needs to really showcase the range of skills and abilities I’ve developed over the last nineteen years, and the quality services I provide using my experience.

Photographically that includes everything from mulltimedia storytelling, book publishing, wedding and celebration photography, professional and personal portraiture, and of course my roots in natural history: landscapes and wildlife.  But to make all those images, videos, and books, I had to develop other skills along the way, such as fine art inkjet printing, and what better place than here to offer to consult on photographic technique, issues, equipment maintenance as well as equipment selection.  I’ve used several cameras and lenses over time.  Recently, I sold my Micro Four-Thirds system and I’ve begun to work with a Fuji X-E1.  I have more thoughts on that camera to share, but suffice to say that over the years, several people have asked me “what camera should I buy?” and I am more than happy to ask about their needs and wants in equipment.  I then narrow a list of options for them from hundreds  to choose from to a selection of two or three.

To be sure, there will be more adjustments and edits in the coming weeks, but for the most part, the web site is up and running, which means I can returned to regularly scheduled blogging!

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  1. Aloha Dave! Welcome back! I’ll miss your thoughts on M4/3 equipment, but the Fuji X-E1 seems to be the hottest camera at the moment, so I am equally interested in reading about your experiences with the Fuji. Mahalo, Thomas

    1. Hi Thomas,
      I was torn between an Olympus OM-D and the Fuji X-E1…as well as the third option of waiting for the Fuji X-100S. And there have been a couple times I’ve wondered if I shouldn’t have waited for the latter to come to market. It was the difference in the quality of the images I was seeing from the Oly versus the Fuji that made the decision for me: there are tons of cool lenses for M4/3, but I loved the look and feel of the Fuji photos. The x-trans sensor has its issues: the RAW files are hard to work with, even with the latest Adobe Lightroom release candidate. But the JPEGs are phenomenal. And the absence of an AA filter really makes a difference. The sharpness is absurd. But the handling leaves some to be desired, the firmware is a bit buggy/quirky, and there aren’t many (Fuji) lenses to choose from as yet. M4/3 is a great system, but I had to find out what the Fuji could do for me.

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