DeHart’s Botanical Gardens

DeHart's Botanical Gardens
DeHart’s Botanical Gardens, Louisburg, North Carolina | Canon 5D Mark II and 100mm f/2.8 macro | Exposed 1/2500 sec. @ f/4, ISO 400

The same day that I explored Medoc Mountain State Park with my partner and rescued a slider on the return home, we discovered an amazing botanical gardens.  Marked with a simple sign on US 401 , we had no idea what was beyond the small parking lot.  Allen DeHart, who created the space with his wife and recently bequeathed the property to Louisburg College, found us as we were making our exit.  Little did we know that DeHart was the author of a book on our shelf at home, Trails of the Triangle, and also participated in the creation of the Appalachian Trail as well as North Carolina’s Mountain to Sea trail.  While we were not there for the most ideal light, this is an amazing place.  This is place to which we will return.

More to come.

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