2nd Thirty Days – Day Ten

2nd Thirty Days - Day Ten - Chelsea and John
Chelsea and John | Canon 7D and 24-70mm f/2.8L lens @ 28mm; exposed 1/250 sec. @ f/4, ISO 800.

Today, while walking out of Broadway Brewery from an early dinner–sans $5 pint glass that I paid for, because those are even easier to leave on the table than a to-go box–with John and Chelsea, I let them walk ahead of me because I could sense that something weirdly endearing was about to happen.  Here’s the advantage of Aperture Priority, folks: I dialed it up to f/4 and bumped the exposure compensation to +1 EV because I knew that the cloudy sky would fool the light meter into thinking the situation was more neutral than it really was.

Could I have retained some detail in the sky at +2/3 instead of +1?  Possibly, but I’d rather have the shadow detail.  The sky isn’t what matters in a picture like this.  Furthermore, in post-processing in Adobe Lightroom, I added another stop, so I could have gone even brighter, but I had properly exposed to the right, so this was less of a problem than it sounds.

If I’d been in manual, I would have had to ratchet up my shutter speed very rapidly, and this is something that you don’t always have time to do.  And when you don’t, you’re happy you know how to compensate for the whole scene, and get it right in the first exposure!

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