Thirty Days – Day Thirty

30 Days - Day 30 - Sunset over Seventh Street
Sunset over Seventh Street | Canon 5D Mk. II and 50mm f/1.2L lens; exposed 1/640 sec. @ f/1.2, ISO 200.

Today is the last of the photo-a-day images, and I would say that it’s been an interesting, challenging, and productive month.  There’s a relief that the pressure is off, but there’s also a sadness that the same pressure is absent.

However, the next time I would do a project like this, I would prefer to make it one more akin to Jim Brandenberg’s Chased by the Light, where he made only one image per day over the course of ninety days. It would be more time-intensive, and require much more dedication and thought–and I would need a theme or a subject to focus on for a larger project like that.

Unfortunately, given the nature of my world at the moment, there just isn’t time for something like that. But some day, hopefully sooner than later.

3 thoughts

  1. but could you handle taking ONLY one picture a day?

    that’s like only eating one meal a day… as a professional food critic.

    1. I’m not going to deny the tremendous discipline involved in a project like that, but I’d like to believe that I could, and that I would become better for it. It’s like having the 400 frame limit at the Missouri Photo Workshop, except that it’s carried to the extreme.

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