Update for the 5D II: Audio Control at Last!

Piggybacking on DPReview.com, Canon has finally realized that for the 5D II to become a dominant camera in the emerging video DSLR field, they need to give the user total control over the audio levels that it records, and also a histogram for video recording so that you can tell how good/poor your exposure really is.

It’s amusing that initially, Canon’s reaction to user criticism of the video implementation was one of shock; essentially they said that it wasn’t a video camera, but they they pushed Vincent Laforet’s Reverie movie at the same time.

But now that indie movie producers are jumping on the 5D II and 7D, and 1D IV bandwagons, Canon wants to stay ahead of the Nikon D300s, D3s, and the inevitable D700s.

Look for the firmware in a couple weeks…I’ll link to it when it appears.

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