Studio & Commercial

Liquid nitrogenWhether you need photographs that show off your amazing products for advertising, or images that highlight the interior spaces you’ve designed and buildings you’ve created or landscaped for your Web site, in-office portraits of the staff to hang on the walls of the lobby, or a documentary of your team hard at work for the upcoming annual report, we have you covered!

Located in Cary, North Carolina, we are happy to serve the photographic needs of the Research Triangle!

Bernoudy's Pinkney House, Columbia, Missouri.

Our commercial photography is client-focused and results-oriented.  We believe in collaborating with our clients both ahead of and during the shoot.  Working together with our clients to keep the scope of the project within its budget is important to us.

"Breaks in the clouds," Joe Rosenfield '25 Center, Grinnell College, Iowa.

Like any kind of creation, photography is a thoughtful process, and we enjoy working with our clients to ensure that the concepts we draw together during our planning discussions and the resulting images on the day of the shoot meet or exceed the goals of the project.

When working on-site David makes every effort to minimize intrusion at your workplace.  He trained as a photojournalist and knows how to work with minimal disruption to staff in a range of environments from private homes, small offices and laboratories to construction sites and even the decks of barges!

No Knead Bread - third attempt

Successful photographs communicate with their viewers.  The quality and direction of light makes a tremendous difference in our ability to communicate a particular thought, message, or emotion.  Shaping light enables us to convey ideas, tell stories, create atmosphere, and maintain viewers’ focus.

We use small flash units instead of large studio packs; smaller equipment allows us to work lighter, faster, and less obtrusive when working on-location.

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