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What the Duck - 3-7-2010
What the Duck - 3-7-2010 | www.whattheduck.net

For the past few days I’ve been working with a Canon 50mm f/1.2L lens from Canon Professional Services.  It’s a fantastic lens: built solidly, weather-sealed, fast, smooth bokeh.  I’m hoping to get a 35mm f/1.4L from CPS next, as it’s one that a few of my friends absolutely rave about.  And I’d like to see a 1D Mk. IV, and wouldn’t mind comparing my 5D Mk. II to the 1Ds Mk. III.

But, as much as I like new equipment, any camera is better than no camera, and no camera guarantees excellent pictures.  Gear is no replacement for experience, and lack of gear should not be a limiting factor for any photographer.  Instead, we should all aspire to make the most with what we have.

Even people like me, who enjoy tinkering…

A “What the Duck” for Photojournalists Everywhere

What the Duck #133

Sometimes, What the Duck just nails it.  And it reminds me that, while working on this photo-a-day-for-30-days project, that finding a situation and making a thought-provoking, storytelling image can be difficult.  It’s a constant challenge, but something to which we should all aspire.  Food for thought this weekend.