35mm Film Scanning

Film Scanning

While David transitioned to digital capture in 2003, digital imaging has been a part of his workflow since 1999.  All of our E-6 and C-41 35mm film is digitally archived, so we understand the importance of preserving your physical originals and having access to a file that is a faithful digital representation.

Our scanner, which yields effectively 3,250 DPI images with a DMax of 3.6, undergoes regular color calibration against an IT8 target (this ensures that chrome film scans faithfully–this color calibration does not apply to negative films.) which works in harmony with  our end-to-end color management workflow, including weekly monitor profiling.

We handle film individually and with gloved hands.  We do not use a bulk loader, and no chemicals ever touch your originals.  Our turn-around time for most projects (usually around 100 slides) is about one week.

David saves your scans as 48-bit (16-bit color Red, Green, and Blue color channels) TIFF files on a DVD and enclosed with your originals.  Contact us today to make arrangements to send us your film to scan!

Number of 35mm FramesScan Price (per frame)
1-100$ 2.15
101-225$ 2.05
226-350$ 1.95
351-500$ 1.85
500-1000$ 1.75
1001+$ 1.65