David Kennedy portraitDavid Kennedy created Light’s Edge Studios to offer high quality, personable, memorable, and creative photographs as well as professional services and workshops tailored to the needs of our clients.  Whether we train our focus on portrait and wedding photography, fine art landscapes, architectural spaces, or commercial photography, we strive towards environmental awareness and cultural sensitivity in our business and images.

David in fog, Blue Ridge Parkway, 2012

For many of our clients as well as fellow visual artists, the printed image remains at the heart of the experience, and to that end we make all of our prints in-house with archival inks and premium papers and offer printing as a boutique service.  While we designed our Web site to facilitate our interactions, we’re never farther than a phone call away and we enjoy meeting our clients face-to-face to discover how we can best meet their needs.

David draws from his nineteen years of working to make images that express his own unique vision while telling a story of the amazing energy, diversity, and beauty of the life that inhabits this world.  Much of his work reflects an interest in the environment: both the fabricated and the natural.

Upon finishing his undergraduate education in history at Grinnell College in 2006, David published his first book, A Portrait of Grinnell: The Architecture and Landscape of Grinnell College.  David learned the craft of telling stories with still and moving pictures at the University of Missouri School of Journalism.  His Master’s work at Missouri culminated in a 12-minute environmental photographic and video essay entitled “A River in Reverse: Asian carp and the Great Lakes.”